Nitrogen Gas Springs

Gas springs offer another alternx Pie for more. demanding return applications. Gas springs can be utilized on a standalone basic or as a part of a “Hosed” system. “Hosed” systems are as quoted as each application handled on a case-bycase basis.
By using Metrol Gas Springs imtead of traditional coil and rubber spring elements, several benefits can be obtained which include the following:

  • No damage to the die as Gas Springs will not fragment.
  • Large initial Force.
  • Lower long term costs easy to recharge and overhaul.
  • Low force build up.
  • Compact – High spring force in less space/height.

Metrol Springs are specified by OEM’s worldwide: VW, Toyota, LEAR, FIAT, RENAULT, MG Rover and many more…
At STIACK, our engineers are factory trained, thereby offering on-site training, overhaul services, piped gas spring design services & on-site engineering support to all our clients with respect to Nitrogen Gas Springs.

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