Ellwood ExEll P.20 M

ExELL P-20m is a modified AISI P-20, premium quality Cr-Ni-Mo alloy tool steel which is normally supplied in the prehardened condition. Benefits of using ExELL P-20m include:

  • No heat treat costs
  • No heat treat risks or time lost
  • Lowest tooling costs
  • Can be surface treated (nitrided, flame hardened, plated, etc.) for any added surface performance

ExELL P-20m is used for a wide range of applications:

  • Injection molds for thermoplastics
  • Large compression molds
  • Plastic extrusion and film dies
  • Blow molds
  • Holders for die casting dies
  • Structural or engineered components with prehardened properties

ExELL P-20m is produced to consistently high quality standards with these general characteristics:

  • Good machinability
  • Good polishability
  • Good photoetching properties
  • Uniform structure and mechanical properties
  • Deep hardenability

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