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  Progressive Components, USA
Progressive Components, USA
Innovative Injection Mould, Blow Mould and Die Casting Components
Reliable performance of production moulds is a critical factor to a company’s overall profitability. Now Progressive and STIACK are aligned to bring new innovations to the Indian mould manufacturing market.

Progressive Components is the leading supplier of components for the injection mold, blow mold and die cast tooling industries worldwide. Progressive Components leads with innovation and new standards that help speed mold building and reduce mold downtime.

Progressive has recently acquired Roehr Tool Corporation, the world’s leading developer of Collapsible Cores for Injection Molds, with info available at www.roehrtool.com
Ejector Pins  
  • World Class Ejector Pin standards Inch, JIS or Euro DIN
  • Engineered to reduce galling, dishing and chipping
  • Surface hardness equivalent to Gas Nitrided pins, but a more gradual transition to a tough, hardened core
  • Laser etched for identification of source
  • All DIN-series Ejector Pins are of 1.2344 (H-13) material with a core hardness of 40 ~ 44 HRC and a surface hardness of 68 ~ 72 HRC
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  • 7 digit Mechanical counter
  • Non-Resettable
  • Glass-Filled Nylon Housing provides unbeatable strength and wear resistance for longer life
  • Mechanically fixed with screws provided to ensure a secure fitting
  • Maximum Working Temperature 120 Celsius
  • Includes a serial number for tracking www.profilecv.com
  • Available in rectangular and cylindrical profiles
  • Left & Right hand for mounting on A or B sides of the mold
  • Shaft extensions available for thicker mold plate installation
  • Mounting blocks for external installation
Counterviews R Series Counterviews 100/200 Series
Date Stamps  
  • Widest range of configurations and sizes
    – Exclusive styles as small as 3mm
    – Retrofit offering for compatibility with others for ease of year end   changeovers
  • Competitive pricing for large scale changeovers
  • Remains flush, maintaining wall thickness of part
  • Can be removed from parting line
  • Exclusive laser etched for reorder identification
  • Stocked worldwide near moldbuilders and molders
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Slide Retainers  
  • Slide Retainers provide the next evolution in Slide Retention Technology ‘SRT’
  • Throughout the industry, faulty slide retention commonly occurs, causing damage & loss of productivity.
  • Progressive’s SRT Slide Retainers are the most advanced engineered product on market, & reliably delivers unsurpassed reliability, in an unmatched compact space.
  • Rollers will not gall the underside of side actions and can be run in a greaseless environment (molding advantage).
  • Easier installation & compact design takes up less mold base space
  • Suitable for any injection mould application, but especially advantageous in Clean Room, Medical, Food Packaging, and Electronics environments.
  • Engineered springs surpass other methods by millions of cycles
  • Reliably hold side actions from 10 to 80 pounds. (4 to 36 kgs).
  • Hardened Cleats are sold separately.
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Collapsible Cores  
Pre-engineered C-Cores™ unique advantages:
   Simplify mold designs, eliminate gear/rack systems
   Reduced mold height, and decreased press size required
   Save time by purchasing with undercuts machined
   Eliminates side actions, Mold Base size reductions vs. using side actions to pull undercuts
   Cycle time may be reduced 1/3
RT Series
   Proven performance in thousands of molds worldwide
   Standard diameters from 32mm – 90mm
   Diameter Range of 13mm – 24mm
   Captures 75% of thread (Interrupted Thread)
GZ Series
   Reduced height assists press daylight constraints
   Diameter shutoff rather than fixed height seal
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Expandable Cavities  
Expandable Cavities simplify new tooling design and result in significant cost savings and mold size reduction
XC A-series
   Use standard ejector system to knock the part
   Mold Design and construction complexity
   More cavities per mold size
XC B-series
   Can use a parting line runner
   Eliminates side actions which in turn reduces Mold
   Base size
   Mold Design complexity reduction
   More cavities per mold
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Flexicores provide a method to release undercuts, tabs and part features that cannot be ejected from the mold in a direction perpendicular to the parting line.
  • Innovative space saving, low cost, system when the part geometry or mould size prohibit the use of conventional slide or lifter systems.
  • Available in both inch and metric standards.
  • Stock shank extensions available for larger moulds.
  • Unique solid bronze guide block insures smooth operation and maintains alignment during assembly process.
  • Heel plate design improvement evenly distributes ejector plate forces, eliminated twisting of the core caused when tightening the retaining screw and eases assembly.
  • Wear blocks enable Flexicores to be used in molds using softer P-20 or Be Cu materials.
  • FlexiCores have no moving or locking parts like conventional slide or lifter systems.
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  • Popular industry standard for molding undercuts
  • Gibs allow for 10mm or 30mm travel
  • Core Blades begin at 10x10, to 20 x 20
  • Wide range of sizes, from (.250 smallest mini CB) to (1.000 largest) Diameter rods to serve as ‘lifting posts’ for large molds
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Roller Pullers  
Mechanical Friction Free device use to sequence plate movement in the mould
  • Exclusive styles as small as 3mm
  • Advanced standards over ‘P’ Locks, designed for Parting Line Control.
  • Roller design allows for smooth, Friction free action.
  • Precision manufactured for accuracy.
  • Hardened internal rollers.
  • Provided with sight window for spring, to assist with pre-load adjusting.
  • Compatible Standards, competitive pricing.
  • Maximum spring life up to 1,000,000 mold cycles.
  • Precise adjustment feature allows for accurate adjustment on both sides of a mold.
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Needle Bearing Side & Top Locks
Needle Bearing Side & Top Locks provide precision mold alignment
  • Added lifting power without metal-to metal wear
  • Precise registration, smooth positioning
  • Inch & Metric sizes available
  • Designed for use with little or no lubrication.
  • Max. Mold temp. 300 deg. F ( 150 deg C).
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  • Modular side actions deliver .160” to 2.000” travel.
  • Standard inserts and pins, ready for mold detail.
  • Optimized ‘footprint’ saves space over traditional design.
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