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  Metrol Springs, UK
Metrol Springs, UK  
Nitrogen Gas Springs  
Metrol Springs Ltd is the largest manufacturer of self-contained Nitrogen Gas Springs for press tools in the U.K. Under its brand name Nitro Springs, Metrol commands a leading market position in the gas spring industry. Metrol Springs Ltd is a certificated ISO 9001-2000 company.

Gas springs offer another alternative for more demanding return applications. Gas springs can be utilized on a stand-alone basis or as part of a "hosed" system. "Hosed" systems are as quoted as each application is handled on a case-by-case basis.

By using Metrol Gas Springs instead of traditional coil and rubber spring elements, several benefits can be obtained which include the following:
  • No damage to the die as Gas Springs will not fragment
  • Large Initial Force
  • Lower long term costs – easy to recharge and overhaul
  • Low force build up
  • Compact – High spring force in less space/height
  • Pre-loaded
  • Adjustable Force
  • Life cycle cost savings
  • Controllable
All STIACK, our engineers are factory trained, thereby offering on-site training, overhaul services, piped gas spring design services & on-site engineering support to all our clients with respect to Nitrogen Gas Springs.
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