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  Cleaners & Lubricants
High Performance Products for Dies & Moulds & Plastic Injection Moulding Machines
Designed to perform in the extreme conditions & often exceeding your expectations, our products exceed the most challenging needs of the industry.
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Mould Cleaner
     IT-89 A
  • Precision cleaner spray for cleaning & degreasing of molds
  • Features fast cleaning action
  • No residues
  • Pleasing smell
  • Guarantees absolutely clean surfaces
  • Free from CFC and CHC’
Mould Protection Sprays
     IT-90 A
  • Dry to touch; removable coating
  • Designed as a long-term corrosion protection of molds
  • Available in different shades for easy identification of the coating
  • Does not attract dust or dirt
  • Matt finish; Allows for good visual inspection of the treated surface
  • Less odor and fewer drips and runs during application
    IT-91 A
  • Wet, thixotropic coating
  • For applications where self-removal of the coating is essential
  • Highly effective due to multi-functional VCI’s
  • Film does not run off and also adheres well to vertical surfaces
Ejector Pin Lubricant
     DuPont Krytox GPL 227
  • Long-term lubrication of the ejector pins
  • Clean & non-staining; does not migrate
  • Stable at High temperature
  • Extremely high re-lubrication intervals; can achieve 300,000 shots
Greases For Tie-Rods & Die Sets
  • Heavy duty, long-term lubrication of the linear bearings
  • Light colored; non-staining